The Team

Group Founders

Dr. Douglas Mook

Dr. Mook is the President of the Aptec Group. He previously held positions as the COO and VP of Engineering at TechOnLine, and ran the ASW Division, Advanced Systems, Advanced Technology and Signal Processing organizations within Lockheed Martin. In these roles he has taken technology from concept to product in the areas of communications, software services, sensor systems, machine recognition, medical processing, speech and test systems. Dr. Mook was a cofounder of VenturCom, Inc., an embedded software company, and Physiologic Diagnostic Services, Inc., a medical instrumentation company that was sold to Tokos, now Matra after receiving FDA approval for a key diagnostic product. Dr. Mook received his SB, SM, and EE degrees from MIT in Electrical Engineering and his Doctorate from MIT and the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in Electrical Engineering and Ocean Engineering.

Dr. Stephen Lang

Dr. Lang is the CTO of the Aptec Group. He has extensive experience in the analysis and development of systems, having developed real-time streaming products for the Internet, real-time processing for laser and acoustic systems, algorithms for reconfigurable computing architectures, and sensor processing techniques for seismic, sonic, ultrasonic and electro-magnetic measurements. Dr. Lang has served as technical director of the Advanced Sensors Consortium, Associate Editor of the IEEE Transactions on Acoustic, Speech, and Signal Processing and Associate Editor of the IEEE Transactions on Image Processing. He received his PhD, MS, and BS in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from MIT.

Dr. Alan Oppenheim

Dr. Oppenheim is Ford Professor of Engineering and MacVicar Faculty Fellow in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at MIT. He has been an advisor to many technology companies and has been involved at the founding stage of several including Libit Signal Processing, one of the first developers of cable modem chips prior to being purchased by Texas Instruments. He has been a member of the board of directors for TechOnLine and Transchip and an advisory board member for Bandwiz and Lenslet. He is currently an advisory board member for Amimon. Professor Oppenheim is a member of the National Academy of Engineering and a Fellow of the IEEE. He has been a Guggenheim Fellow, was a Sackler Fellow and holds an honorary doctorate from Tel Aviv University. He has received numerous awards for research and teaching and has co-authored several of the most widely used textbooks on signal processing.

Aptec Group Partners

Aptec Partners provide deep technical skills coupled with practical experience running and evaluating companies. Partners participate in Company Analysis teams, review analyses, and provide an extended reach into an even broader community of experts.

Mr. Lars Borgwing

Mr. Borgwing has over 20 years of US experience and has acted as founder, CEO, and board member of several companies. Mr. Borgwing serves as President of Net Insight, Inc. an optical networking company, and founded Standish Corporation, a private capital, strategy and business advisory firm focusing on private equity investments, high-tech, and start-ups, turnarounds and real estate. Mr. Borgwing has represented and advised institutional investors such as Goldman Sachs, GE Capital, Chase, Svenska Handelsbanken, Merita NordBanken as well as several IT/software/high tech companies and startups. Prior to Standish, Mr. Borgwing worked 13 years for Skanska as a senior executive. Mr. Borgwing holds a MS in Engineering from Chalmers and a MS in Management from Stanford University and is a founding board member of the Swedish American Chamber of Commerce.

Mr. Cliff Conneighton

Cliff Conneighton is CEO of Conneighton Group, which helps companies build profitable operations and focus their market strategies. Previously, Mr. Conneighton was the founder and CEO of iCOMS, which provided managed Internet operations services for such companies as Lycos, Sony and France Telecom. He was also a founding officer of BBN Planet (now Genuity), led marketing for Lotus Notes where his positioning and channel strategy helped build a $500 million revenue stream, and led one of Gartner Group's largest services as VP and Service Director. While at BBN Mr. Conneighton was part of the management team that built and operated the AOL network and the AT&T WorldNet Internet service. He has written and presented SEC filings for multi-hundred-million dollar public company private financings and Initial Public Offerings and negotiated on both sides of the table in numerous cash acquisitions and stock mergers. Mr. Conneighton is author of "Venture Management Handbook: An Entrepreneur's Practical Guide to Stock, Finance and Contracts" (2002). Mr. Conneighton received his BS and MS in Systems Engineering from Case Western Reserve University.

Dr. Daniel Griffin

Dr. Griffin is the CTO of Digital Voice Systems, Inc. His experience includes signal analysis, algorithm development, and real-time systems development. He has developed standard-setting speech coding algorithms, error protection methods for communication systems, and commercially successful single chip speech coding systems. He has experience in audio coding algorithms and the development of networked consumer audio products with CE and FCC emissions approval. He received his PhD and MS in Electrical Engineering from MIT.

Dr. James McClellan

Dr. McClellan holds the Byers Professorship at the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Georgia Tech. He is widely known for his filter design techniques with application to speech, image, radar, seismic, and communications problems. His work includes the design of pattern recognition systems for mechanical systems monitoring, compiler development for fixed-point processors, volume rendering of large datasets, multicomponent AM-FM demodulation for communications, processing of wideband SAR images, corrections for proximity effects in Nanolithography, and seismic analysis tools. Dr. McClellan received the IEEE Acoustics Speech and Signal Processing Technical Achievement Award, the IEEE Signal Processing Society Award, and is an IEEE Fellow. He has published extensively and has coauthored several widely used texts.

Mr. Alan McLaughlin

Alan McLaughlin is a consultant for strategic planning and advanced technology for such organizations as MIT Lincoln Laboratory and the Carnegie Mellon University Software Engineering Institute. For more than thirty years he served in a number of positions of responsibility at MIT Lincoln Laboratory including Assistant Director where he was responsible for Advanced Electronic Technology, Air Traffic Control and Surface Surveillance Mission Areas. Previously he was Division Head with responsibility for programs in speech, radar and image signal processing, computer networks, digital processor technology, digital integrated circuits and machine intelligence technology. He established a laboratory for the investigation of GaAs laser diode parameters and participated in the design of an optical communication system. He also designed special purpose processors for anti-jam communications systems and later high-speed signal processors. Alan serves or has served on numerous government and industry advisory committees in the areas of computer technology planning, information processing, information science and technology, information architectures, multimedia communications, defensive information warfare, and aviation safety. He received BS and MS degrees in Electrical Engineering from Northeastern University.

Mr. James Moskun

Mr. Moskun is the co-founder and was CEO of NuMega, a highly profitable software company widely recognized as the leader in automated error detection and debugging tools for Wintel platforms. Since selling NuMega to Compuware in 1997, Mr. Moskun has provided due diligence on acquisitions, helped position products for the Wintel market, and provided guidance into the development of distributed computing applications. Mr. Moskun recently co-founded the Technology Garden, an incubator for young technology companies.

Dr. Bruce Musicus

Dr. Musicus is a Partner of The Aptec Group. Previously he was the Chief Technology Officer and a founder of Parlance Corp., which provides a speech-enabled auto-attendant telephony service. Prior to Parlance, he was CTO of BBN Speech Processing Group, the Director of Development of BBN HARK Systems, and an Associate Professor in MIT's Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Dr. Musicus is a leading expert in iterative processing algorithms and has worked extensively on a variety of technologies including word spotting, speech recognition, image recognition, finite element simulations, matched filter detectors, sonar processors, VLSI architectures, stochastic filtering, microprocessor design, computational structures, real-time control, and robust software. He holds patents in fault tolerant architectures, time-scale modification of signals, and programmable real-time signal processors. Dr. Musicus received his SB from Harvard University. He received his MS, EE, and PhD degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from MIT.

Dr. Nils Sandell

Dr. Sandell is the President, CEO, and cofounder of Alphatech. Alphatech has specialized in artificial intelligence, computer vision, modeling and simulation, tracking, data fusion, resource allocation, strategic decision aids, and signal processing since 1979. He sits on a number of DoD advisory boards including RADC BM/C3 simulation and technology, Air Force Foreign Technology Division, OSD/C3I SDI Advisory Committee, SDI Parallel Processing Working Group, and the SDIO Eastport Committee on BM/C3. Prior to founding Alphatech, Dr. Sandell was a professor at MIT. He is a member of various honorary and technical societies, and has authored over 200 technical papers, reports, and proposals. He served as Associate Editor for Large-Scale Systems and Differential Games of the IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control (1975-1977) and is a Senior Member of the IEEE. In recognition of his contributions to estimation and control theory, he received the 1977 Donald P. Eckman Award of the American Automatic Control Council.

Mr. Matt Weissman, JD, MBA

Mr. Weisman conducts due diligence and management evaluations, researches new opportunities, develops implementation plans, and negotiates strategic partnerships with organizations including NASA, U.S. Navy, British Aerospace, Aerospatiale, Genuity and Reuters. He founded EAF, Int'l, an aviation company, and initiated employee team programs that delivered new concepts, service products, applied technology, safety standards, and operating innovations that succeeded in field use and enhanced customer and employee satisfaction. Mr. Weisman taught Entrepreneurial Studies at Harvard University, and management at Boston University School of Medicine. Board memberships included Thermedics Detection, manufacturer of high-speed gas chromatography and advanced technology sensors for healthcare, science and security; and, currently, Serologicals, Inc. (Sero: Nasdaq) a worldwide provider of biologicals to life science companies. He received his BA from the University of North Carolina, JD from the University of Pennsylvania Law School, and MBA from Harvard.

Dr. Alan Willsky

Dr. Willsky is a founder and member of the board of Alphatech, Inc. He is the Edwin S. Webster Professor of Electrical Engineering at MIT and a member of the Defense Science Board. Dr. Willsky has served as Assistant Director of the MIT Laboratory for Information and Decision Systems, has held visiting positions at Imperial College, London, L'Université de Paris-Sud, and the Institut de Recherche en Informatique et Systèmes Aléatoires in Rennes, France. He has authored numerous papers and textbooks, been extremely active in the IEEE and has been editor and associated editor with the IEEE in the areas of systems and control. Dr. Willsky received his SB and PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Dr. Myron Zimmerman

Dr. Zimmerman is a Partner of The Aptec Group. Previously he was the CTO and founder of VenturCom, Inc. a leader in the embedded software market. Dr. Zimmerman has extensive experience positioning and developing embedded and real-time products for UNIX and Windows platforms. He is also co-founder and director of two medical signal processing companies, helped spin off a contract development business, co-founded the Boston Technical Executive network, is a director of a family owned concrete equipment manufacturing company, was CTO of Certeon, an application acceleration company, and has authored numerous Widows, UNIX, real-time and embedded articles, and has chaired and presented at numerous trade shows. Dr. Zimmerman received BS in Physics and Mathematics from Juniata College and his PhD in Atomic Physics from MIT.

The Extended Aptec Team

In addition to its Founders and Partners Aptec has an extensive network of leading specialists who provide specific expertise for company analyses. These domain experts work with other members the team rounded set skills necessary determine strength as technology path from product.


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