Partners in Technical Excellence

To provide an unbiased expert assessment of technology and its opportunity.
  • Venture Capital / Private Equity Firms who wish to evaluate the technical risks in their current portfolio or candidate investments
  • Start-Up Companies who wish to lower technical risk and complement their skills with an experienced community of experts
  • Established Companies looking for new ways to extract value from their technology investments

The Aptec Group offers support from experts with deep technical knowledge and practical experience. We interview each investment candidate, clarify its core technical innovation, frame it against competing technologies, identify development still needed to meet the market, production issues, barriers to entry, current personnel strengths and weaknesses, and provide an overall risk assessment with recommendations. The result enables better investment decisions and helps companies manage risk and focus resources.

Authoritative Expertise
  • Systems Analysis and Simulation
  • Signal Processing
  • Control
  • Sensors
  • Software
  • Communications
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Computer Recognition
  • Networking and the Internet
  • Diagnosis and Test
  • Speech

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